About Us

The long-awaited culinary collaboration by restaurant owners and brothers, Jonathan and Jason Baran, has finally opened its doors as Baran's 2239 in Hermosa Beach.

No stranger to the kitchen or South Bay, the Baran brothers have a long history with hospitality and food. (The Baran brothers' family opened The Brothertons Farmhouse in 1937 located on 2239 E. Colorado Blvd in Pasadena, the Farmhouse remained open for 50 plus years serving hometown favorites with great service). Both current residents of Redondo Beach, the Baran Brothers were looking to create a California-casual restaurant for culinary talent to thrive.

Helming the kitchen is culinarian-in-chief, Executive Chef Tyler Gugliotta, who is elevating the dining scene in the South Bay one innovative plate-at-a-time. Culinary talent also runs in Gugliotta's family history. A son of a chef, Gugliotta has always remained passionate about his family's Italian heritage and his long-standing connection to Southern California. Gugliotta first gained his chops at Fleming's Steakhouse while attending college, but Gugliotta quickly moved on to running prominent kitchens in the South Bay after only a short time in the industry. One of the restaurants, Brix@1601, was voted one of the Top 10 New Restaurants by Los Angeles magazine in 2009. More recently, he helped open Bistro Bagatelle in West Hollywood with one of Thomas Keller's protégés in February 2012. Chef Gugliotta then spent the next couple of years at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice Beach, CA under the culinary tutelage of Chef Casey Lane . As one of the rising chefs at The Tasting Kitchen Gugliotta helped continue their tradition of excellence and they remained one of the premier restaurants in Los Angeles.

Paying homage to his European culinary roots Gugliotta says, "Most of the food we do is not French food but French-technique based". In true European fashion, Gugliotta prides himself on making menu items from scratch in-house.

"All of our sausages are made in house. Our focaccia is made in house. All pasta is made in house," boasts Gugliotta.

With seasonal and locally sourced food provided by Gugliotta's family farm, Weiser Farms, Gugliotta's dishes are also inspired by his many global travels and the omnipresent Mexican and Asian influences of Los Angeles. Chef Gugliotta is plating up California dishes such as his housemade "Chorizo Verde", a unique green chorizo is a satisfying blend of pork belly, and pork shoulder with poblano, serrano, cilantro, coriander, cumin, garlic . Sliced and served atop crispy fried arepa squares with pepita queso fresco, black bean, and avocado, it's dishes like these that give culinary nods to the streets of Los Angeles.