Dinner Menu August 12- August 14

5-Course Dinner menu 2ppl $80 4ppl $150
Wedge Salad $15
Grape tomato/ shaved onion/ bacon/ bleu cheese dill dressing

Potato Gratin $10
Horseradish/ 3 cheeses/ scallion

Cream Greens $10
Parmesan cheese/ herb croutons

16oz prime New York Steak $35
Classic peppercorn sauce
(Pescatarian option available)

Chocolate Torte $10
passion fruit sauce/ spiced cookie crumb/ vanilla cream

Beer and wine options available for purchase with your meal.

Lunch Menu August 12-14thth

"The Goog" $15
Italian combo sandwich

Breakfast Burrito's

Saturday- Sunday 9:00AM- 1PM

Choice of bacon/ house made chorizo/ no meat