Dinner Menu June 16-19th

4-Course Dinner menu 2ppl $75- 4ppl $150

Mediterranean Kale Salad
Tomato/ cucumber/ feta/ lemon tahini dressing

Harissa Cauliflower
Mint yogurt/ chickpeas/ dill

Grilled Swordfish (2--5oz Fillets)
Eggplant and white bean puree/ local peach & herb dressing


Bone in Pork Chop (1--14oz)
Additional chop $40

Lemon Tart
Burnt Honey/ pistachio

Beer and wine options available for purchase with your meal.

Breakfast Burrito's

Wednesday- Friday 7:30am- 12:30
Saturday- Sunday 9:00AM- 1PM

Choice of bacon/ house made chorizo/ no meat
All have egg/ cheese/ tater tot/ green onion and two salsas on the side